Total Grand Deal value 504,726 Baht

About us 2

                  In mid year 2015 Tunnatham Asia Group Company Limited’s team and Mr.Korrakod has a policy of company with the role and direction of the company will have to adapt and modify the policy to comply with the Digital World, at present and the near future. The company’s team has a new concepts and the context of the company which in the future Tunnatham Asia Group Company Limited and affiliates must be the leading platform providing the services. Linking products with buyers, seller, selling, marketing of stationery and Solar Save Energy based products used in utilities and education in the future. So we created a B2C website called and we have Never Plan Company Limited to support supply chain to accommodate the expansion of the various platform that grows rapidly in transportation, logistics, banking form security, local Thai Express with movement account. Shipping more than 100 million pieces per year and will grow to double within 3-5 this year.

                From the above vision Mr. Korrakod cooperate with Tengen Holding Company Limited and institute of paper company in HongKong. The company providing services in large warehouse supply chain in China to bring the modern systems of China’s development in Thailand and ASEAN countries in the future.     

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