Total Grand Deal value 504,726 Baht


                   In mid-2015 Mr.Chaiyameth Amornpolsomboon and Ms.Nuttiya and the company's team have a joint meeting about the role and direction the company will need to adapt and modify the policies to conform with the world at present and in the near future.  Hence the context of the company and the new concepts with the team has called "GOADs Model" which in the future the company and its affiliates have to be the leading platform provider.  Linking its buyers, sellers, selling, marketing of stationery goods and basic products used in the school.  So have launched a B2C website called and there is also a website finding for academic content to provide teaching in the classroom easier, suitable for 21st Century in the domain name by partnering with publishers who specialize in both domestic and overseas.  To search the content of complex academic came into the hands of teachers and students.

                  From the above vision, Mr. Chaiyameth has collaborating with Tengen Holding Co.,Ltd. and Sunland RFID to become the VMI distribution center and think about product innovation in the supply chain in the future. The modern system of China to develope in Thailand and the ASEAN countries in the near future.