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English Guide is a series to help pupils master basic grammar concepts with simple, straightforward and thorough notes. Pupils will also expand their vocabulary and practice the newly learnt grammar and vocabulary in their composition writing. Within this book, pupils can find: Grammar exercises at the end of each grammar unit. Variety of vocabulary. Vocabulary exercises at the end of each vocabulary unit. Writing tips and suggestions for improved composition writing. Practice composition questions with model answers.     The pointers and notes used in this series adhere to MOE guidelines. They were carefully researched and tailored in order to produce a book which would effectively bring grammar concepts, choice vocabulary and writing tips to life for every pupil. The simple yet vigorous style of the series will make it easy for pupils to learn key components of the English language. English need not be a chore, but a pleasure to learn and explore. Anyone can master grammar, widen their vocabulary bank and become a better writer. Explore, enjoy and have fun along the way.

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